Are hip-hop and/or pop the kinds of music you love listening to? If so, you might embrace the culture that surrounds them. In today’s always online streaming society, fans of music don’t just connect to the music, but the very musicians and artists producing and performing it, to the point of taking cues on how to act, dress, shop, and even sometimes vote and believe.

There’s nothing wrong with that if it enriches your life, but you also might be very wary and suspicious of those that are under contract with the big record labels, because you know how much corporate thinking can seep into and even corrupt or destroy the art that you love. That’s why you possibly focus more on indie hip-hop and pop culture, so you’re charting your own course in style and life. However, indie labels don’t have the size, outreach, exposure, or clout that the major labels do. So, how you learn more about indie hip-hop and pop culture? Keep reading to learn 6 ways you can.

1) Magazines: Whether it’s in print or an e-zine, the columns, articles, and music reviews of indie artists, songs, and albums can tell you a lot.

2) Blogs: You could spend only a minute or two looking for these before you find enough to eat up the rest of your day reading them.

3) Social media groups: Joining a Facebook group or following a particular indie artist on Twitter can be eye-opening into the cultures of indie forms of music.

4) YouTube videos: Whether you watch the videos of indie hip-hop and pop artists or those analyzing and critiquing them, the amount of material here is seemingly endless.

5) Indie movies and television: The indie spirit among artists isn’t restricted to just musical mediums. Those that make indie movies and independent television outside of the mainstream often use indie music in their work, or even have characters that demonstrate a serious indie culture streak. This happens even in mainstream shows at times. Fans of NCIS know that the lab technician and forensic scientist Abby Sciuto marches to the beat of her own drummer, and while her Goth lifestyle doesn’t have much to do with indie hip-hop or pop culture, it should be noted that her character’s popularity boosted interest in the Goth lifestyle and the kinds of music she listens to in her lab.

6) Concerts: If you really want to learn about indie hip-hop and pop culture, then actually being immersed in it directly is the best way to do it. Go to the concerts and festivals where such artists perform their shows, whether it’s a large event with many different acts filling a stadium or just a small act hitting up a small venue or local club. There’s no substitute for spending an afternoon or evening with those that already have dived into this culture.

If your love of pop or hip-hop defines at least part of who you are, then you are yourself a part of those subcultures within larger society. If you rebel against the major players in the commercial corner, though, then you’ve got an indie streak at heart you should honor by checking out these 6 avenues for further exploring the indie cultures where you can express yourself and make like-minded friends.