Acoustic VS Classical Guitar [Know The Difference]

Do you know what is the difference between acoustic vs classical guitar?

Many beginners find themselves in confusion while searching for the best guitar to start with. You may have thought that classical guitar will suit you rather than an acoustic guitar.

However, it is essential first to see the differences in both types of guitar. It will be easy to select the kind after having a clear understanding of guitars. This article will discover the main differences between the two types of guitars:

Acoustic VS Classical Guitar

You will learn which type of guitar will suit you. Let’s first see what classical and acoustic guitars are:

Classical Guitars:



Classical guitars are the same as acoustic guitars but smaller in size. These instruments are nylon-stringed guitars used in classical music. Therefore, you will hear mallow music with this instrument. These guitars are different from guitars with steel strings because they are more significant.


You cannot play country or folk because it produces a sound that differs from the original tune. Moreover, it has larger spacing between the strings. One of the disadvantages is that some people have smaller hands. It is difficult for small hands to have proper access and grip on all lines. It has a different construction. The techniques you use to play classical guitar helps you to read music.

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Acoustic Guitars:

Acoustic Guitar:

An acoustic guitar is the same as a classical, but it has steel strings. The steel strings give extra tension to make a loud and robust sound. Its neck is not comprehensive. However, You can perform any arrangement of the song you love on the acoustic guitar. The beauty of the instrument is that you can play different genres. If you are one of folk and rock lover musicians; these guitars will suit you. The sounds generated by these are loud.

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Difference between Classical Guitar And Acoustic Guitar:

Let’s discuss the fundamental differences between these two guitars;




Classical guitar consists of nylon strings, while the acoustic guitar has steel strings. Thus these sound low and mallow, whereas acoustic guitars with steel strings sound loud and strong.



Usually, an acoustic guitar has a large body as compared to classical guitar. However, some acoustic guitars are precisely the same in size as classical guitars.



All of the classical instruments generally have wider boards. Classical guitar, too, has a wider board with more space in strings. An acoustic guitar does not have a wider board.



Classical guitar gives you this option to tune your instrument with head-stocks, whereas acoustic guitar consists of machine tuning pegs. Though some acoustic guitars have head-stocks too.



Acoustic guitar consist of solid bracing. It keeps the guitar sturdy and provides better resonance. The classical guitar incorporates lighter bracing.

Truss Rod:

Truss Rod

It is the steel rod that provides support to the strings of the guitar. For a better concentration of the lines, a truss rod is necessary. Nylon strings put less stress on the neck. Thus the instrument does not contain an adjustable truss rod.

Neck to body Joint:

Neck to body Joint

You will note that the neck and body are joined at the 14th fret in any modern acoustic guitar.While in classical guitar, the joint is at the 12th fret. However, some acoustic guitars are built in this traditional and older way too.

Which One Is Better: Classical Guitar Vs. Acoustic Guitar


To know playing guitar requires a lot of work. It is not one-time hard work. You need to practice daily. However, it does not depend on practice only. As a beginner, you must choose a suitable guitar.As a student, you may face difficulty because you may have a guitar that demands your struggle. You may quit because of the hard work and interruption in your academic career.

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Steel Strings and Nylon Strings: Classical vs. Acoustic Guitar

Nylon vs. steel strings

Nylon Strings:

The classical guitar uses nylon strings. Nylon strings of classical guitars are easier for the fingers. For a newbie, it is considered to be the perfect guitar. Moreover, it is suitable, especially for kids who have a passion for playing guitar. You can also play flamenco, a beautiful piece of music. It is the part that makes playing classical guitar interesting.

Steel Strings:

If you want a wide range of music; an acoustic guitar is the best choice. The material of string is different in acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar uses steel string. However, if you have your tunes and music, a steel-string guitar will help you outplaying them. You can play folk, pop, and rock with these guitars.

The majority of people feel it to be the best guitar for all genres. The songs of genre rhythm and blues can be played best with these guitars. Moreover, due to the style, people consider steel strings guitar one of the best guitars.

Fingerboard: Classical vs. Acoustic Guitar

Classical instruments have wider fingerboards. It makes the string have a bit larger gap between them. However, for beginners, it helps to have a good grip on the strings. Therefore it makes learning easy.

Head-stocks and Pegs: Classical vs. Acoustic Guitar

The classical guitar consists of the head-stock. Nylon strings and headstocks are a suitable combination.

However, modern acoustic guitars consist of pegs to tune your guitar. Pegs are made of plastic and metal. It helps you to play various music types louder.

Light and Solid Bracing: Classical vs. Acoustic Guitar

Steel-string guitars have solid bracing. It helps to keep the guitar robust with the tension of the strings. Also, it provides better projection and resonance too.

Classical guitar supports lighter bracing. This lighter bracing produces a mallow yet soothing sound. Therefore it is perfect for classical and jazz.

Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Truss Rod: Classical Vs. Acoustic Guitar

The length of the guitar string plays a vital role in producing strong or mellow sound. All guitars have truss rod. It supports the size of the line.

A classical guitar does not have an adjustable truss rod. It has a fixed size.Therefore, you cannot adjust the size of the lines.

The acoustic guitar consists of an adjustable truss rod. You can change it to produce various sounds you like.

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Cutaways: Classical Vs. Acoustic Guitar


To have proper access to the upper frets; cutaways are designed.

Acoustic guitars have cutaways. Classical guitars lack this facility.

Similarities and Differences: 


The following are the similarities between classical and acoustic guitar:

  • Tuned as EADGBE
  • Both have six strings
  • The body of both is round
  • Have soundhole


  • Size of the guitar neck
  • Strings used
  • Type of tuning pegs

Beginner Guide To Buy a Guitar:

Each guitar has its features. There are different brands too. But, quality and price matter. Let’s have a look at the buying guide to buy the best guitar:

  • First, set up your budget.
  • If you are looking for an acoustic guitar; It would be best if you had almost 6k bucks.
  • If you want to buy an electric guitar which sounds beautiful when connected to electricity, but it will be more expensive.
  • Check all of the features if they meet your requirements.
  • As for beginners, classical guitar is good. But, if you want to play your own created music, an acoustic guitar will be a better option.
  • You should check the woods too by which guitar is made.
  • Now to question the playability of the guitar, see if the neck is straight—the shape of the neck matters. So, pick the one that has a straight neck in shape—besides, the clarity of sound is necessary too.
  • A guitar with a back bow is challenging to play for beginners.
  • Check the fret-board. Run your finger over the fretboard to see if metals are sticking out.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Only Play Classical Music With A Classical Guitar?

You can play classical on your classical guitar. Jazz goes well on nylon strings. You can play other music types too. However, they won’t sound the same. For rock, you should not buy a classical guitar.

What Type Of Music Can I Play On Acoustic Guitar?

You can play acoustic guitar for various genres. These include Bluegrass, metal,pop music, modern rock music, folk, country music, etc. Moreover, you can also play classical music on acoustic guitar. However, it will be a bit difficult. Learning to play acoustic guitar with jazz is not a good idea. You play guitar to feel fresh. Therefore, if you play complex music, it won’t entertain you.

Is Acoustic Guitar Hard To Play?

Strings of acoustic guitar are heavier. Moreover, the size is more extensive. These are the difficulties a newbie may face. Therefore, you will need a little effort to get used to it.

Are Electric Guitars Better Than Acoustic And Classical Guitars?

Beginners make the mistake of buying electric guitars. They believe it will improve their skill and that people may think it looks good in the room. On top of that, they want to show off. But it won’t polish their skills. They waste money on the stuff without considering its value. It’s an energy instrument. With this guitar, anyone can easily guess that you are a beginner. You should know what your level is?

If you are new in the music field; you should do thorough research before buying a guitar. The broad categories of guitars and the brand to choose is a complex task. But, you must see the pros and the results you will get. Also, you must know rhythms and finger-style to start playing electric guitar. Before making any decision, it is way better to have a thorough research. Your decision depends on your choice.

The disadvantage of an electric guitar is electricity. While using electric guitar, you always need a switch near you. That’s the factor for not buying electric guitars. However, the advantage is that you get high volume. There are other options too. Before making a final decision, you must consider your budget.

How Can I Learn Guitar Playing On My Own?

First, you should know the types of guitars. You should evaluate which kind of guitar will be easier to play for you. As for beginners, my opinion is to buy an acoustic or classical guitar. Buy a steel or nylon string guitar.

There are different ways to learn to play guitar. It is better to be a member of a guitar academy to understand it in depth. Moreover, learning through the online course by a teacher or a musician is the best idea if you don’t want to waste your time. These online guitar course sites provide better resources to learn to play guitar.                       

Besides, you should watch videos of famous guitarists like John Williams, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and Tomas Michael. You can also check lessons by Tomas Michael on YouTube. He gives enough information in every class and helps to resolve issues too. Also, you can make a video while practice to see your progress. You can inspire everyone with those videos too.

What Is The Difference Between Steel String Guitar And Nylon String Guitar?

The difference is of resonation. Steel-string guitars give you a louder sound. Classical guitars have nylon strings. The sound these guitars produce is not that loud.

What Body Type Of Acoustic Guitar Will Suit Me?

There are different shapes of acoustic guitar. Each guitar has a slightly different body shape and body size. Generally, guitarists use dreadnought. Dreadnought shape is the most common one. As a beginner guitar player, you should start your journey with it.


Why Classical Guitars Suit Beginners The Most?

My advice is to buy a classical guitar. Learning to play classical nylon guitar is a better idea for a zero-level beginner. Your decisions should be based on the level. The instrument is way easy to play. It is easier on the fingers. It will help you have a grip on using your fingers and hand on the device. Moreover, classical guitar is best for strumming.

Guitars with steel, strings are best too. Nothing ever stops people from buying what they want. However, the classical guitar technique helps you learn basics like chord progression, chords, scales, etc. To be the best player, you must grasp the fundamentals. For growth as a musician, it is necessary.

But, the problem is that people see the styles of a guitar while buying it. Their purpose is to look cool. Another reason for it is that they have a notion that manners matter a lot.

The disadvantage is that the players who have smaller fingers will feel the neck to be a bit wider.

What Are The Benefits I Can Get While Playing Guitar?

It’s fun to play guitar. The melody of different songs is the source of comfort. A lot of times you will feel bored. When someone plays Mozart and Bach, you feel good. The tone of the classical guitar takes you back in time.

There is no disadvantage to give your time to learn to play the guitar. There are various music fields. It will provide you with the opportunity to be one of the best musicians on the guitar playing field.

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What Type Of Guitar Is Flamenco?

Flamenco guitar was established in Spain. You get Spanish vibes with it. Besides, it is similar to classical. It usually has nylon strings. As compared to classical, it has a more gritty sound. You can learn it side by side with classical guitar.

Are Yamaha Guitars Worth Buying?

 ELECTRO guitars

Yamaha guitars are famous all over the world. The most famous acoustic guitar of Yamaha is the Yamaha FG800. You can play pop, rock, or any other type on this model.

Moreover, Yamaha FG800 seems to have an enchanting look. It is best for those who have done learning classical.

What Is Ear Training Apps?

To learn music theory, download an ear training app. It helps you to identify melodies through your ear. Besides, these online lessons come up with innovative ideas for students. They provide a series of studies to enhance their innovation.

Should I Buy A Guitar Online?

Everyone has his preference. However, you should not order online. Visit different places and shops. In my opinion, some areas are important to note. As a guitarist, your choice should cover the following things:

Check the scales on the guitar. All the 12 notes make up the full scale. More expansive necks guitar is good too. Moreover, check the sides also. Nylon strings don’t give the effect that is provided by steel strings. You can feel it by finger touch.

What Is A Bridge In Guitars?

The bridge keeps the string in place. In the case of an acoustic guitar, the bridge is design to amplify the sound.

What are Calluses?

It’s the skin on your fingers. It is something like armor. Fingers generate it because of continuous rubbing on the strings. In the beginning, you will feel pain. After some time, your fingers will bear it. In terms of callus, use an acoustic with a steel string that has higher action. It will produce callus faster.


Beginner players should know the following tips while learning guitar:

How can I be a good guitarist?

There are a couple of tips I will like to share.

  • The first step to master the techniques is to focus on the lessons. You can download guitar lessons from any of the sites.
  • Learn to use your fingertips.
  • First, learn how to play simple chords. There are different friendly versions of chords.
  • Moreover, learn different guitar riffs.
  • Similarly, you can also search for band singing lessons.
  • Keep the mistakes in your mind.
  • Make a list of all of the errors. It will help speed up your improvement. Moreover, it also allows you to learn to play instruments well.
  • Search for classical songs is another way to watch YouTube videos.
  • If you don’t follow the steps, t here is a chance of failure. 

Final words:

Guitars have a different range of styles.

Both the guitars can be good for a newbie. These instruments are suitable for strumming too. You can take your guitar lessons with the guitar that is easier to play. In your guitar journey, you should know the details of genres and the details of the notes. Moreover, the online lessons are suitable for learning how to play guitar.

Electric guitars are good as they use the amp. You may think others will consider it cool. You can experiment with each type of guitar. Yet as a newbie, you should know basic techniques. Also, to grasp techniques start with nylon string guitar.

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