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Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollar – Ultimate Buying Guide

Suppose you want to become a guitar player. The budget will mainly affect your skill level. However, you don’t need to buy an expensive acoustic guitar at the beginning. In the market, there are numerous cheap budget guitars. However, as a guitarist, you can face quite a lot of problems at the start. There are many guitars they can buy for players as they come with the gear, so you don’t need to worry. Although, how can we know what are the ones that are perfect for you.


Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollar


By doing research and considering the shapes, we figure out the verdict. Acoustic guitars that fall under the 300$ budget are the best. However, let me tell you, they all sound pretty good without tuners. It is tough between brands. However, we categorize the best acoustic for you. They are all under the 300$ price range. These ten best acoustic guitars are all made with A-grade materials. So, these guitars will be a lifelong companion for you.

Therefore, it is best to know in which equipment you are investing. As they will represent you’re playing style, so you must consider everything in your mind. As you might be wondering, can someone get quality in these price buckets? For that, we have elaborated on each guitar brand’s specifications, along with their pros and cons. So, you can thanks us later for that!

At the end of the article descriptions. We have written a buying guide for you. So, you should know to select the top products from the market. We have also written plenty of FAQs that relate to your favorite guitar. Along with that, a few tips. As a result, they will help a lot in improving the accuracy of your skill levels.

Now, it is just a matter of time for you. Let me bring this access to your attention. These guitars have prices below 300$. They are tested by the manufacturer and by us. So, let’s begin your guitar journey list without wasting any time.

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Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG830 Acoustic Guitar Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300



  • Solid Construction
  • High-Quality artistry
  • Slim Neck
  • Rosewood Bridge
  • Versatile sound and practical tone


  • No electronics


Suppose you are a guitarist or a seasoned pro! This Yamaha FG830 is best for you, as you can see in the image. Yamaha fg830 is ideal for a pro as well as a beginner. Unlike another acoustic guitar, it supports no electronics equipment. This guitar by Yamaha is from the YAMAHA FG series.

It is the upgraded version of the fg180 series. This Yamaha version has improved fretboard, scalloped bracing along with sleek NATO edges. It is considered the best starter guitar for newbies. Also, the scalloped bracing makes it the best acoustic guitar. Along with it, the price tag of this Yamaha fg830 is very appropriate.

On top, its sides and back are made with rosewood material as almost all Yamaha guitars are beautiful. However, in this case, rosewood makes fg830 more sleek in nature. Fg830 guitars have the perfect tone quality along with the body.

They are making it the perfect combination, which gives warmth to the players. They are straightforward to play. They are one of the best acoustic guitars for playing. Moreover, you don’t need to take the Yamaha FG830 to a guitar technician. You can set this up quickly with a tuner or a tuning machine.

For a better experience, it is our opinion you must try this Yamaha guitar. There are dozens of guitars and other things. Moreover, this music system is one of its kind as they are also higher proteges of Yamaha in this industry. Yet, they are more expensive and are considered significant events like opera, Olympics games, and many more.

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Yamaha FS800 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FS800 Acoustic Guitar


  • Very Playable sound
  • Compact body
  • Lots of projection
  • Solid Wood Top


  • No instrument strap


It relates a lot to the fg820 Yamaha series. Yet, FS800 is more advanced than the fg820 series and the Alvarez artist series af30 list. For new players, it is built with a compact body. This guitar is considered a small concert guitar. Guitar manufacturers made this, especially for concert purposes.

Yamaha FS800 models have a narrower neck, unlike the fs820, as they are straightforward to play. Another plus point it has is that most people notice a lot. Unlike other instruments, this Yamaha series dreadnought guitar sound is much lighter. The nuts are the nut of high quality. This standard same goes for the machine heads list.

This Yamaha guitar has a scalloped bracing sound. They help a lot in reducing the weight in the guitar body. Also, the scalloped bracing gives a more excellent projection and tonal balance.

Which improves the playing experience of a beginner? The die-cast tuners and bridge have the laminated mahogany back. Which values the die-cast bridge more. They have a high-range build.

NATO wood is used as a combination for the back support. Yamaha guitar strings remain in suitable shapes due to high-quality pegs. Guitars in this price mostly didn’t have half of these attributes that Yamaha is providing. Yamaha guitar is a choice of many folk players around the world.

As in our opinion, they appeal to genres better than other guitars like fg820. We suggest you add this Yamaha acoustic guitar to your profile list. Because you will see the magic in the Yamaha guitar sounds when you play it, they are excellent to get the job done.

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Ibanez AW54CEOPN Acoustic Guitar:

Ibanez AW54CEOPN Acoustic Guitar:


  • Premium Quality Tone-wood Combo’
  • Comfortable to play
  • In-built Tuner sound
  • Well Designed Cutaways


  • Tuning Machines doesn’t work well


Ibanez is one of the most common electro-acoustic guitars. This guitar has a dreadnought-style sound with a single-cutaway frame. Ibanez guitars are made with high-quality wood. The neck of the Ibanez guitar is made with supreme quality elements like a rosewood bridge. It has a skinny waist as compared to another electro-acoustic guitar. The neck is made with Okoume wood with fingerboard edges. That gives a perfect grip to hands. Ibanez is lesser in price. Yet, they have the same quality of rosewood and mahogany. Also, the building range improves the saddle.

Among other acoustic-electric guitars, Ibanez has a perfect build scale length. Most importantly, It has EQ controls in it. That gives you the same overtones sound like a professional. Ibanez comes inside the 300$ price brackets. For beginners, this Ibanez guitar setup is superb as it provides the maximum playability that a musician is looking for. It also has other top features like; die-cast bridge as solid wood is used by the brand, especially for this top-line range.

In case it drops, the contents of the guitar will not get damaged. In count, the rosewood bridge sounds smooth. Because Ibanez’s body size has rugged durability, plugged and unplugged, you can choose Ibanez without any doubt.

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Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar:

Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar:


  • Traditional Dreadnought Body Style
  • Great Tonal sound Balance
  • Laminated Hardwood Body
  • White-dot position inlays
  • Die-cast tuners


  • Simple Design


Fender FA-115 is one of the finest quality guitars for a beginner. It is one of the best acoustic guitars both in terms of sound and body shape. Moreover, it has a pure wooden body and neck, yet fender guitars under 300 sound smooth. As using it is very simple, you can also play it unplugged and achieve a good pickup system stream.

Fender is like a concert player’s guitar due to its thin, elegant look. A good quality wood job is used throughout the body. It enables the player to do Fishman Sonicare and preamp tuner effect. Speaking about color, it gives the final verdict. That fender is aesthetic of all. Guitar players greatly adore fender’s unique body style. The excellent quality woods in the fender allow it to perform any playing style. Moreover, the scalloped bracing allows the guitar to hit high and lows notes perfectly with the rosewood fingerboard.

Fender is a versatile and broad-spectrum acoustic guitar. For beginners, this guitar setup is the most acceptable value review bridge. Unlike other wood types, it is unique and mystique. Fender is one of the top making acoustic contents. If you are a bit careless, then you must consider fender. Because of its wood, along with the other bundle of components, it has high durability. You can access fender play for the saddle for something new variety of good references, which is a top online home for learning.

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Breedlove Discovery Concert Acoustic Guitar:

Breedlove Discovery Concert Acoustic Guitar:


  • Light-weight and Portable
  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Loud projection of sound
  • Top laminated mahogany strings bridge
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Versatile sound along with aesthetic sides and back


  • Avoid using turning machines


You are looking for a top acoustic guitar under 300. Also, I want to take them on a travel road trip. For that, you must consider buying Breedlove discovery concert acoustic guitar on your list. This is one of the best acoustic guitars as they have a much louder sound. That you can’t expect other than an acoustic-electric guitar. Breedlove brand is very famous for making beautiful acoustic guitars for playing.

 For playing aesthetically, the whole body shape is covered with a mahogany body. On the other hand, it has a solid spruce top. This makes the players very jubilant as the solid spruce top increases the body style. On a low budget, this feature is something else for an acoustic guitar under 300. Moreover, you can check the price on amazon along with its high rating reviews for the saddle.

It has a slimmer neck with a mahogany top that gives quite a joy while playing. Along with that, it has 19 frets with a unique satin finish. Please don’t go on its satin finish variant because discovery makes a sound you can’t think of. The spruce and mahogany give it the perfect balance for playing the instrument. Tennessee is the birthplace of country music, where this guitar is a range rest part of it.

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Epiphone DR-212 Acoustic Guitar:

Epiphone DR-212 Acoustic Guitar:


  • Versatile sides and back
  • 12 String Guitar
  • Chrome Tuners
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Needs tuning for clarity


In a minimum budget range, if you are looking for a 12-stringer guitar. Then you must check the Epiphone 212 acoustic guitar. It matters in what lows or high tune you play. You will always sound like a professional. It doesn’t matter if you are playing blues from the bluegrass. Its dreadnought body shape gives guitar players the perfect pickup system. The body is build quality as it is corrosion-resistant. You can also check the line price on the market platform.

It is not as high as the solid spruce wood top, but it does not affect its sound as an electric acoustic guitar is different. They also have their types. Its fretboard has beautiful dot inlays along with the rosewood body and neck covering. This brand also makes guitars in a solid spruce top. We suggest considering this guitar model for buying.

Because no other acoustic guitar in this budget provides 12 strings, also, for beginners, this mahogany top body guitar is the best review hardware in the world. Also affordable in price.

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Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar:

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar:


  • Well built Acoustic Guitar
  • Venetian cutaway Design with rosewood fingerboard
  • X bracing resonance tone
  • Satin Finish
  • Affordable Price Point value
  • High Rating


  • Not much famous brand


Not most of you have heard of jasmine. But not for now. I hope we are familiar with the Takamine gd20 ns brand. Let me surprise you; this is one of their products. Not everyone knows this. However, we all know that Takamine gd20 ns all instruments, especially acoustic-electric guitars, are made with precision. Therefore, we think that same goes for this guitar. That’s the main reason why we review it. It is one of the best acoustic guitars. With the lovely pore finish

Jasmine acoustic guitar is one of the best gifts for beginners. It is uniquely built along the back and sides. This instrument is made with solid wood. For better playability, it is overall built well, as many guitarists love this guitar setup. It is made with an elegant auditorium shape, which makes it sturdy in a way. Also, its Venetian style allows it to perform extended frets. This is possible due to fingerboard construction options along with the mahogany back and sides. The fretboard allows the resonance tune voice.

This guitar also sounds good due to the spruce top and the amount of work in both fields. In conclusion, if we describe it. It looks super-strong as compare to acoustic guitar under 300. Moreover, it is designed for proper strap adjustments. Besides, it is ideal for beginners as well as at the intermediate level. It has high specifications and feature value. Making this guitar sound and work perfectly. In the end, its color is one of the few variants of the guitar.

People who love playing guitars highly consider this choice.

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Martin Steel-String Acoustic Guitar: 

Martin Steel-String Acoustic Guitar: 



  • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
  • Mahogany Neck top with cutaway corners
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Work for both hands guitarists


  • No Neck pins
  • Price fluctuates


Among all the instruments we reviewed above. Above all, this guitar has the most top value and different shapes. Therefore, making it unique. As martin instruments are famous for their quality. Similarly, those people who want backpacker top hardware. This is the best guitar for considerations. This guitar is incredibly lightweight and has a mahogany back and sides. Therefore, You can take it anywhere you want. And only takes a few minutes to set up the fingerboard. Above all, the solid Sitka spruce top and the steel-string mahogany sides give it a loud sound projection.

Talking about the quality, you can see what’s the martin due to their product. Its back and sides are perfect for compact as they are made, especially for tours. Therefore, they can absorb bumps. A solid Sitka spruce top gives it a dreadnought-style body. However, to keep the strings in shape, they are chromed enclosed tuners.

Its slim design doesn’t affect its tuning performance for the fingerboard. They provide powerful playability in this price category. Moreover, its Rosewood head cap gives a clear projection of the sound. Some beginners face trouble while playing the guitar. However, this instrument allows playability on both hand sides. This guitar has solid wood spruce that works well for a long-time. Therefore, to improve the performance, keep using the tuning machines on this guitar model or other hardware. For all types of levels, anyone can pick up this case and start playing.

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WASHBURN WA90CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar:

WASHBURN WA90CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar:


  • Electro-Acoustic Features
  • Built-in Tuner
  • Dreadnought Style along with cutaway
  • Affordable Price Category


  • No cons- This guitar is the action bang for the buck


You are looking for a sturdy guitar. Then you must stop here. WASHBURN manufacturers are making these guitars since the 1880s. They are still in the business game because they take the build quality very seriously. In every guitar, they make, even if it is an acoustic-electric guitar. Or acoustic guitars, all of them go through the same procedure. Therefore, we consider them acoustic guitars under 300. WASHBURN provides a wide variety of guitars. They also have expensive ones. You can check them on their website. Talking about this one, this electric guitar has the perfect dreadnought shape.

These guitars are made especially for beginners. However, their main goal is that even the beginners know something about the dreadnoughts and notes as the acoustic-electric guitar is easy to play. That’s why more people are attracted to them.

 It has a vintage look that you can notice from the mahogany sides. This guitar component, when collectively calls for action. Gives a vibrant range of music. All electronics factors appeal for a perfect tune. Also, they have mahogany back and sides, as you can see by its high rating reviews.

Talking about the design, it has linden woodworks done on its body. That can be seen on the back and sides. This wood is primarily made in the US. Linden is the material that is habited for making acoustic guitars for beginners. On the front, it has a cedar top with a rosewood fretboard. This guitar has a preamp built-in. For guitars under 300, it is quite a big deal. Along with the preamp, its pickup system is highly liked by guitar players. Above all, Washburn, this dreadnought shape guitar is build for ease playability for players.

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Luna Gypsy Spalt Guitars:

Luna Gypsy Spalt Guitars:


  • Spruce top with spalted Maple Veneer
  • Mahogany Back and sides
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Grand concert body shape
  • Balanced Tone
  • Cutaway neck to achieve higher frets easily


  • Big Frame


There’s a big misconception going on between these Luna gypsy guitars. Some people think they don’t perform that well as they look. They think the brand focus more on the looks than the quality of the acoustic guitar. But it is entirely wrong. After considering them in our use, we came to know they work superbly. Especially a beginner student must learn on them. How to Play the guitar more perfectly. People should focus on this point. It is the perfect combination of sound and quality. Also, a slim neck is great for small hands.

The mahogany wood increases the beauty of this guitar. Along with that, its spruce top makes the perfect sounds. It mainly has a big frame for a reason. It allows the guitar player to hit higher frets more easily. For all genres, it has the perfect, intermediate sound tone. To push the sound beyond the limit, its spruce top adds a punch to it. Along with the rosewood fretboard mellows it down. Briefly, if we say while using, you will get the balanced tone that you like.

This guitar serves multi-purpose. Suppose you are a beginner or a professional artist. Everyone can play this guitar. Also, Play whatever tone you like; this guitar will remain loyal to you forever. By concerning players, we have categorized them for you. After deep research, let me assure you and we are presenting these guitars in front of you.

However, if still, you have some doubts. Maybe you want to know why we choose them. So, it’s completely alright. To help you out, we have written a guide for you. After reading that, you will know the main factors that contribute to an acoustic guitar under 300.

Read every step precisely so that you should be aware of the full scope of our discussion.

These are the acoustic guitars under 300. Talking about whatever, criteria they are one of a kind.

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Buying Guide For Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 Dollar


This guide will help you to select a superb guitar. As these guitars, comes in different sizes and design. Therefore, it is essential to know in which guitar you are investing.

Dreadnought Guitar:

Everybody is well-known for this type of guitar. Battleship is the most iconic one as they are made with premium quality materials. They are suitable for producing magical tones. People quickly recognize them, as they have an aesthetic-looking body shape. Firstly, they are introduced by Martin when they launched their first dreadnoughts. An English warship obtains the name, which tells us quite a lot about its mystique nature.

Talking about design., these dreadnought guitars have rounded shoulders. Where the 14th fret is used to join along the neck. They have a natural wood look. At the same time, some of them come in a glossy finish surface or matte. For beginners, dreadnoughts are an excellent guitar both in terms of quality and price.

Jumbo Guitar:

They are many opinions going around these jumbo guitars. Therefore, people say they go along with every instrument. After we hear this statement, we play them. And it’s real. They have high-quality artistry, a slim neck, and many more. Not only do they play along well, but they give the perfect tune. Its large body size gives the perfect resonant sound for guitar players. Besides, Gibson first bought these guitar finish. After some time, in 1937, they introduce the jumbo 200 variant guitar in the market.

Along with giving them beauty, their body enables them to give a much louder sound, unlike the other average guitar. This gives the players the feeling of Bob Dylan. If you want to play chords primarily, then this guitar will be perfect to start with.

Travel Guitar:

These guitars are on the list of modern inventions. Like dreadnought, they have a very identical shape. Secondly, for guitar players who love small size playable finishes, these guitars have numerous advantages. Their bodies offer a deep, rich tone. This gives the travel guitars a good tonewood choice for this body style. Also, this gives them a more focused sound in a unique way. Low ends are reduced, which gives more clarity to it.

Ed Sheeran also uses this travel guitar in its journey. For young folk, this is the perfect product. Of course, with the amount of time, you will master the guitar.

Concert and Grand Concert Guitar:

This instrument is similar to the other traditional models but has a wide neck. Yet they have high features in them. They are pretty effective when you consider using them. So, they don’t have a shape of a battleship or a jumbo guitar instrument. They have a punchy cutaway sound. Also, they are comfortable for everyone to play around the waist. Considering the playability of these models, these are good acoustic guitars under 300.

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How long does it take to learn guitar - Are videos and DVDs a best source to learn and play the guitar


What to check before buying an acoustic guitar?

As we have discussed, the motherhood of these models. Now, let’s discuss the factors that make them good in quality.

Scale length is defined as the distance between the nut and the bone saddle. At the side of the neck, the nut has to be placed at the bottom, which means the distance between the neck and the 12th fret. Scale length triggers a more in the instrument playability.

Consider you have two identical instruments. A guitar with a shorter scale length gives more accessible frets. Also, the habit of lower neck strings produces lower tension sounds in the instrument. On the other hand, a longer scale length, like in a folk guitar, leads to complex strumming and lots of frets rattling construction in music kinds.


Body design and size play a significant factor in sound. Also, it varies the build quality of the instrument. The more prominent guitar’s like the auditorium and grand jumbo. They have the perfect sides for more and better movement. These guitars are made with materials that offer high-range motion. They engage more strumming sound when played because of their huge volume.

A more petite body has a soundboard that can generate sound inlays like fingerstyle and flamenco smoothly. Their bodies allow the low bass due to their brief size, which gives the compact, crisp sound of a folk guitar. Small models like dr 100 are easy to carry and support higher portability.

This is quite a tricky question besides, as there are several categories for materials, like art wood. People who have played many of these wooden guitar’s. Knows many options vary the result. Mainly tonewoods are used to make these instruments. For beginners level, tonewoods are highly preferred.

If you are starting, wood types don’t matter. However, expensive models practice good quality wood. You must have heard of the art wood model of the art wood series. They have an excellent volume tone and give perfect higher notes. Another wood, like cedar, has the perfect gloss finish. Darker wood choice categories involve mahogany and rosewood wood. They have intense colors like a brown sunburst, with a deeper tone in the lower spectrum.

Generally, the nut and neck width is the distance between the fretboard. They are available in neck wood and mahogany neck. For a starter, s smaller neck width is perfect. This feature is available acoustic guitar under 300. However, if you want to create harmonies alone. Then more comprehensive mahogany neck guitar is considered good.


Like all of the products, under this price, money has limited bass ratings. So, at least spend above the 250 price tag if a guitar has a lower price. Consider buying the other specifications along with it. So, the guitar sounds excellent when you practice it.

Buy the most demanding brand product. Yamaha, Ibanez, and Takamine have good quality techs. Also, in the case of this price tag. Choices like; aj 100ce, gd20 ns, and Alvarez apx600 are fit for anyone. They have an excellent saddle electronics system with cutaway edges. As saddle quality varies in a good pick-up built. After that, check the range of action of the top value best acoustic guitar.

When you invest your money on a guitar, notice these factors under consideration, like the preamp tones, saddle system, and fingerpicking finishes. So, that you are satisfied with the gloss finish looks. As well as the result fields.

Therefore, make sure to learn how to practice the guitar. Consider using a gig bag strap for support. Adjust the bone nut along the bridge. Most importantly, pick up those design that has easy construction and preamp tones. So, you can check their reviews rating to know that.

Take these things under consideration first. Then pickups, the perfect intonation guitar for the fit job.

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What are the most critical factors in an acoustic guitar under 300?

The most crucial factor is the quality of a guitar around the back and sides. This factor significantly affects the model sound. The quality of the bridge and bone nut also varies with the budget guitars. However, the design construction and pick-up system are not part of it.

Why X bracing are installed in a guitar?

X bracing is used to increase the sound frequency. This brings clarity to the sound. Therefore, x bracing is fit and build inside them. You can see them in models like apx600, fs820, and Alvarez.

Does a price guitar have a balanced tone?

Yes, they have a balanced tone. Along with rosewood fingerboard, they have a list of hardware installed in them. However, you can also access check the tonewood string quality.

Is it possible to email brands for help?

Absolutely, for inquiries, they have mentioned their email address for a contact name. At the “menu menu” email address, you can ask about your inquiries like price with names. Also, you can talk about the interested tone model you are looking for. Moreover, for more review about the design. They will help you with anything possible. They are at the line and have an excellent pickup system. Inform them with a name first.


A guitar with a low price has excellent intonation and a tone. However, there is an extensive comparison of options. A high-performance guitar has a strong NATO string. Along with a string, NATO mahogany back and sides. They also have laminated mahogany back sometimes.

In contrast, the neck wood is made with great attention to detail. Rosewood fingerboard in the guitar like Alvarez artist series af30 gives perfect sound. Also, due to the presence of the rosewood bridge. A single model is more superior to the average one. Whatever the zone you review, they have a better fingerpicking intonation option along with the string.

You might see or look at several cutaway reviews’ names with a price. Therefore, they will not disturb you on your part of the line. There are no advertising fees for them. However, they are just part of the affiliate advertising program. We might generate some money or price from this “best acoustic guitars under 300” article.

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