Best Acoustic Guitars Under 500 Dollar – Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are looking for Best Acoustic Guitars Under 500 Jump into the music world is easy, but learning and finding the best gear for your music or guitar is not that easy. Beginner always mistakes in getting a guitar because they don’t know what to see before buying the best acoustic guitar. However, you don’t have to worry about it because today, in this article, we will look at the top 10 best acoustic guitars under 500.

Furthermore, before jumping into the guide, let’s make it clear eq controls. We will only find the best gear for you, but it doesn’t make you a better fretboard musician. You have to practice it yourself.


10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 500 Dollar 


Taylor GS Mini-Series

Taylor GS Mini-Series

Taylor mini is for guitarists who are a traveler. This great acoustic guitar brand portable body style is just perfect for traveling anywhere in the world versions preamp. Taylor’s gs small is a movement-size cutting edge acoustic guitar with impeccable form quality and perfect arrangement fretboard site. The gs scaled down a major sound that misrepresents its smaller structure. Furthermore, The gs little’s shimmering highs, completely clear mids, and low tight end offer a cut-value cut of tone – and it fills in as an awesome acoustic guitar for recording as well, just like a lot Taylor but series hardwood.

Key Features

The best highlighting feature of this acoustic guitar is that it is best for traveling because of its body style and shape. Besides, the rich lite bone nut is best for home use also.


· Perfect Guitar for travelers

· Awesome build and design tones

· Sound quality is comparable with many other expensive guitars on hands


· The road wear more finish version is not that perfect as the quality

So, should a player buy baby Taylor’s mini pocket? The answer is yes if you are a full-time traveler musician and loves to play guitars and look for the awesome acoustic guitars under 5o0.

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Seagull s6

Seagull s6

The S6 has a cedar top with a wild cherry back and sides. Seagull s6 was original the product of seagull. It includes a more extensive nut, which implies this guitar playing will be a great decision for those playing finger styles or bigger budget hands. Buyers of this guitar world are praising its neck excitedly, saying that they have no second thoughts. Furthermore, The future plc sound of this guitar world is enormous. However, Depicted as being live with tone. Seagull has made quality guitars for a long time at a cheap cost so that the S6 won’t frustrated.

Key Features

Seagull series has been known for making the best quality tones fretboard cheap guitars for a long time. So, if you consider buying affordable great acoustic guitar under 500, then seagulls will suit your option more.


· Quality design

· Best acoustic guitar under 500

· awesome body style and shape tones


· Sound is not that good

If you are looking to buy cheap guitars under 500, our 2nd recommendation after baby Taylor mini is this affordable acoustic guitar.

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Epiphone EJ-200SCE

Epiphone EJ-200SCE

IF you are looking for a classical-looking romantic acoustic-electric guitar with the best build quality, the Epiphone got you. There’s the mustache connect, beautiful tortoiseshell style pickguard, pearly crown trims, and the profound and Epiphone EJ 200sce has adjusted base end that you normally get from a kind sized. Furthermore, its solid Sitka spruce top allows the player to fit his/her fingers on the fingerboard.

Key Features

The highlighting greatness of this acoustic guitar under 500 is that it has impressive pickup function, classic styles, and you are getting Tennessee red at a very cheap solid spruce price point.


· awesome pickup stereo function

· Loud and great to play a tone

· Playability is like you are playing an expensive guitar


· Difficult to understand

· not enough fret access

· build quality and the scale length is cheap

SO, why should you buy this electro-acoustic guitar? If you are looking cheap but look and sounds expensive, also awesome sound quality. Then this guitar is a great fit for you.



Yamaha FS850

Yamaha FS850

Who is not familiar with that name. Its big brother is the biggest brand in the music industry, but that doesn’t mean that its product will always be expensive. FS850 is one of the acoustic-electric guitar brands, which is not only the best preamp but also cheap. Mahogany’s back and sides play a solid resonating sound. Its neck is a great example of Mahogany’s back and sides. Many musicians have agreed that this traditional acoustic guitar is the best preamp for playing Mahogany’s back and sides sound.

Key Features

Its mahogany sound and build quality of mustache bridge. This guitar is made with words and woods like rosewood mids. Its sound is an example of musicality, piece, and mind—the g string on neck scenarios whatever portability it needs.


· Best Mahogany body made with two types of woods

· Affordable and best family use

· woods and nut provide easy to play access while sitting


· Many songwriters don’t recommend it

· inlay and tuning is not available in many regions

So, should you buy Yamaha FS850? Yes, why not. You should buy this affordable acoustic guitar because it fulfills your needs of guitars about the system and case. The ambury and Mahogany are best.

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Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800

The FG800 is in its very own universe. Made with more few unique sorts of uncommon wood like rosewood or Pearloid and a huge unit included, there’s nothing an excessive amount of like budget it. However, if you search for a special style with a marvelous pack that incorporates everything, the FG800 is a great solution to your issues. Furthermore, budget brands like Yamaha FG800 have dreadnought body style tuning, and any help is available on many more sites. Mahogany and strumming sound budget lovers more pick these beauty fretboard edges.

Key Features

In terms of features, the necks and hardware are best for friends, and that is why everyone loves its warm body. The materials in this body are used in many types—nothing to hide. The guitar system completely implies this material.


· Any type of help is available on the manual

· Strumming quicker is packed with all essential gears you need to get started

· Dreadnought body system is used


· Strings are not quite well on this guitar

· Dull body

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Takamine GD20-NS

Takamine GD20-NS

A classical guitar with a modern edition is all you need—made with cedar wood which is a good choice. Takamine is well known for its classic build quality. However, The GD20-NS is an extraordinary illustration of an exemplary guitar with a couple of present-day increases that simplify play. Furthermore, the fret width on a guitar isn’t regularly that many people consider when purchasing a guitar. It is something that you either don’t notice or you genuinely not focusing on later on as it were.

Key Features

In terms of features, the fret links are the most comfortable tortoiseshell pickguard you ever see. Furthermore, for great durability choice made by the brand is Mahogany and cedar. These two different kinds of wood are some of the durable quality woods in the market.


Two great kinds make · Acoustic guitar of wood which is mahogany top and cedar

· the satin finish is like having a natural feel

· Easier to use frets to reduce strings confusion and comparable with martin x


· Strings looks a bit dull

· sound page prices need to be lower

So, Should you buy this pickguard’s best acoustic guitar for under 500? If you are a fan of looks, then this will end all your needs. The headstock and gig bag looks awesome.

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Martin LXM Little Martin

Martin LXM Little Martin

This Little Martin lx1e guitar is the great acoustic guitar under 500 is an incredible guitar for preparing purposes or rehearsing before a gig. Furthermore, It delivers a good yield that is somewhat calmer than some different guitar gig bags, which is decent if you’re looking to not disturb individuals around you. However, it is useful for playing in a house without every other person outside the room. However, the headstock will come in handy if you live in a joint family because this traditional acoustic guitar’s sound is not that high compared to other guitars’ beginner rating.

Key features

The headstock is made to provide fret buzz. The weight and length are also acceptable. Furthermore, the guitar is durable, and the dreadnought shape shadow sonic ii HD is also a dynamic rating.


· Awesome design and length

· perfect for practice, beginners

· the portable design feature makes reputation better like hummingbird pro


· Not for high guitar sound lovers

You can see this electric acoustic guitar if you don’t love the bass response guitar and loves silent music. However, this electric guitar is laminate in that way its stock is made for buzz fret.

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Fender CD-60S

Martin LXM Little Martin

If you are a band member and looking for excellent acoustic guitars under 500, then the fender CD-60S is worth the look. Its stock, back, soundhole is laminate with dreadnought acoustic body shape. Furthermore, this is not the bass guitar deal, but its bass controls are like bass stock. This acoustic guitar is laminate with mahogany wood style. You can find these guitar company registration number controls in any market.

Key features

Its great body style makes people pick these acoustic guitars. Also, it is made of mahogany wood which is the best wood for any acoustic guitar. At $500, players are getting perfect kit picks in hand, which is awesome.


· One of the best dreadnought acoustic guitar

· the Sitka spruce top and fingerboard combination is insane

· Completely made with mahogany wood


· The durability of the fingerboard is not last long

Nowadays, finding this combination other than Gibson hummingbird is hard to find in the 500 range and place. However, you are getting an opportunity if players are of beginners people and ready to get started. The audience is getting almost everything specs in this budget.

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Bristol BD-116 BD-16

Martin LXM Little Martin

It looks like we are getting many sounding guitars range in a battleship. There is no fortune that these products have something to offers. However, another classic dreadnought guitar name to the people who loves everything in the 500 range. Furthermore, this acoustic guitar is tone control and has an ebony fretboard pickup system, and is the best acoustic guitar for beginners. This guitar has everything which ends the need of beginners. In this range, players are getting the best guitar tones voice pickup system.

Key Features

Bristol is one of the top guitars for beginners and also the best guitars for professionals. Its scale length is made of rosewood. At an affordable price, players are getting high volume. These dreadnought solid spruce top chrome tuners are the game-changer here. Its dreadnought body style is best for loud volume.


· This model has dreadnought for high volume acoustics

· Spruce and mahogany finish

· the model has seamless chords perfect for slim board


· Not durable model and require knowledge for finish

The slim dreadnought board is enough to grab attention. This dreadnought guitar has the fender of spruce and mahogany material. So, why not buy this guitar made with beautiful pair of scale lengths.

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Buying Guide For Best Acoustic Guitars Under 500 Dollar

Before buying any acoustic guitar under $500, players should consider watching the buying guide of guitars below. You will know what guitar category, tonewoods, or both meet your requirements guitars by reading it. 


String levels are the most important mix in guitar. You can play any song tune by mixing the strings a bit. The only thing you need is to look like models. Furthermore, A characteristic-sounding string that doesn’t shade the tone of your guitar. However, D’Addario is best for left-handed people and is the principal to bring this way of string out, and I, for one, feel they are probably the best string out there. The D’Addario-designed NY Steel centers ensure they stay in order longer and breakages happen less. This string has an uncanny capacity to draw out the tone of your guitar martin lx1e instead of the actual string for left-handed.

Regarding picking a maple neck, your hand’s size is critical, or you can say that is a key for both. Large the thickness and width of the neck depending on the size of the instrument’s body just as the frets of martin the sides mahogany neck projection has. Furthermore, acoustic-electric necks are recorded as 12 frets or 14 fret menus. This alludes to the number of frets clear of the body, not the number back of in general construction maple.

Acoustic guitars arrive in an assortment of sizes, back, and shapes martin, from small travel guitar size to exemplary to enormous t classic o dreadnought guitar plenty strength. The body style Ibanez of acoustic guitar reviews decides its sound projection and apparent accentuation. Interesting points are apparent quality versus playing solace. Some acoustic guitar bodies arrive in a solitary cutaway country plan or even a twofold cutaway plan. This gives simpler admittance to the upper frets. Hear what the various sizes and states of a guitar mean for the sound here.

However, before buying any guitar, you should take care of body construction, collection, and maple. But be careful don’t let these features empty your bank.

Styles and Sizes

Apart from performance and features. the body size and style also matter. Before buying, treat yourself with wood choices like rosewood fingerboard, just bath ba1 1ua. In action, pick your acoustic guitar size according to age. You have heard right that size and age also matter before picking up the best acoustic guitars under $500. Just like csf1m, the body style and action is all depending on many things like size.

Various types of finish can influence how the wood, like rosewood fingerboard or rosewood scale. However, there is no way camping back and sides around this just like csf1m some list neck playability. The guitar strap creator makes these choices, and they typically pick action carefully.

If you don’t know about someone, the best wood is Mahogany, which is used as a cedar top one neck change. Mahogany has a generally low reaction rate contrasted with other top-quality woods, significant thickness, and plenty of low suggestion content fun. Mahogany’s beat guitars have solid and punchy performance saddle guitar tone reviews appropriate to playing blues HPL. When considered beginner for jumbo back and sides, Mahogany generally has a high speed of sound, which contributes a lot of hint hue saddle.

However, it would be best before buying any one guitar for any that you look for options and budget reviews related to mahogany fretboard things.


The Bottom Line

We hope that you have liked our buying guide on the best acoustic guitars. We can only guide you and the rest of thing journey, like learning the parlor guitar building and strings is all up to player playability. However, If you have any queries regarding this guide, you can comment below.

Design and Dimensions of the Latest Guita

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What is the best guitar under 500?

· gs mini grand symphony

· Yamaha FS850

· Yamaha FG800

· Epiphone EJ-200SCE

· Epiphone hummingbird pro

· S6 Original

· Martin LXM Little Martin

· Fender CD-60S

· Bristol BD-116 BD-16

Best Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar Under $500?

Yamaha FS850

Who is not familiar with that name. Yamaha is the biggest in the music industry, but that doesn’t mean that its product will always be expensive. Yamaha FS850 is one of the brand’s guitar acoustic-electric, which is best and cheap. Furthermore, Mahogany’s back and sides playability a solid resonating sound. Its neck width choice is a great example of Mahogany’s back and sides and is best for a beginner. Many musicians have agreed that this acoustic guitar choice is best for playing Mahogany’s back and sides sound.

The mahogany neck sound and build dreadnought sound surprise of rosewood bridge. This guitar is made with word choice and wood-like rosewood fretboard mids. However, Its sound is an example of piece and mind. The g string on dreadnought Yamaha FS850 scenarios whatever it needs choice one.


· One of the best Mahogany bodies made with two types of woods

· Affordable and best use 

· woods and nut provide easy to playability choice access while sitting


· Many singer-songwriters or singer-songwriters don’t recommend it

· dot Inlays and tuning Sitka spruce is not available in many regions

Can You Buy Good Acoustic Guitars Under 500?

Yes, you can claim something good response American acoustic guitar in 500 money easily. However, some package Sitka spruce are made in china. In fact of the matter, these guitars are best for home situation use.

However, we recommend buying Taylor gs mini mahogany or baby Taylor because Taylor gs mini is for acoustics guitarists or guitarists who are a traveler. Taylor acoustic guitar portable body style range is just perfect action for traveling anywhere in the world. Taylor’s gs small is a movement-size cutting edge side acoustic guitar with impeccable form quality list cutaway and perfect neck action arrangement.

The gs scaled-down x was bracing a major sound that misrepresents its smaller structure action. Furthermore, the Taylor little’s shimmering highs, completely clear mids neck list, and low tight end offer a cut-value cut of tone x bracing – and it fills in as an awesome acoustic guitar list recording as well, just like a lot a Taylor but.

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