Hip-hop, R&B, and Rap all have their ‘indie’ or independent cultures. The indie music scene is bigger than ever before nowadays. You can thank technology for that, allowing everyone a platform to showcase their musical talents. It is a great thing, as more and more artists are getting their music out there. What is Indie Hip-Hop and its culture like in 2018, and are you planning on jumping into the scene?

Do you remember the days when Indie music was handed out in person? You don’t have to be old enough to go back as far as mixed tapes. Those mixed CDs were always quite common, too, people producing digital content in the physical form and getting the word out. It was much harder for Indie rap and hip-hop artists to hit the scene then.

Currently, while I’m writing this article, there is a Bike Fest going on where I am located. Rap and hip-hop music is being blasted from the rooftops. A few years ago, I was given a CD by one of the artists present at the bike fest. This was just a few years ago. Nowadays, you’re not going to see that happen. There are artists here promoting their music, but they are going to do so using social media and other online tools.

Most artists aren’t even going to produce a CD of their music. Pretty soon, CDs will be non-existent, save for people’s personal collections. Okay, that’s enough about CD’s, and let’s get to more about the Indie music scene and its culture, particularly as it relates back to hip-hop music.

Just as the indie music scene has changed, so has hip-hop music in general. I was reading one blog post about how people 8 Mile, Eminem’s movie from years ago and aspire to be that person, realizing the tools and resources are now at there. That’s true, and it’s really cool how people don’t just have to settle for experiencing the culture. They can become part of the culture themselves.

That doesn’t mean that indie artists out there aren’t trying to get signed. There are plenty of them who would jump at the chance to be with a record label. You would be surprised, however, that there are also many who might not. It doesn’t hurt to have a big record label behind you, but it also helps to know that you don’t need one these days to make it in the music world.

Since there are many more artists hitting the indie music scene, it does make it more difficult to get noticed in ways, too. Yet more talent is showcased, and perhaps the wealth of the industry is more spread around. What do you think? As an indie author, I can tell you that it makes sense to me. It’s really cool in the first place that more people are able to pursue their talents and dreams, whether they make tons of money or not. They can be part of the indie hip-hop cultural scene in so many ways.