Half-How Long Does it Take to Learn Guitar in this digital era?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from beginner guitarists.  The question “how long does it take to learn guitar?” depends upon many factors. The focus thing that determines the answer is only and only you. The speed and the fluency which you want while playing guitar is totally in your hands.

How long does it take to learn guitar?

Some people may be fairly advanced guitar players in some years; on the other hand, it can take a longer period for some people. 

There are various reasons to learn the guitar. If you want to play the guitar to impress other people or you think it would be cool and sounds good. Learn and play the guitar only if you’re going to learn it for fun. 

There are many factors, which will show your success in playing the guitar. Some of the elements are:

The first and the most important factor is your determination. Your determination and persistence to learn new tools and techniques and become perfect in existing ones.

The schedule of your guitar practice is also a mandatory factor in learning the guitar. Learning guitar also depends on the tools and resources available at your disposal to advance your skills. 

Thus, based on the above factors, it is difficult to predict how much time is needed to learn the guitar. 

Learning and playing guitar all depends on what you want to get. How much time you are willing to do the practice, and how much effort you are giving to learn the guitar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            There are some rules which are needed to learn and play the guitar faster and quickly.

The greater you practice, the faster you will learn and play the guitar

When we talk about learning and playing guitar faster, then practice is the most effective tool in this regard. 

In his book Outliers, a well-known author Malcolm Gladwell writes that there is a rule to learn the guitar faster and easier, called the 10,000- Hour Rule. According to this very rule, you have to practice 10,000 hours to become great and perfect in it. 

If you want to upgrade as a guide, the secret is only one. That is practice and practice. Practicing for a minimum of 15 minutes is mandatory to learn and play guitar fluently. 

The song- by- song method

According to the song by song method, the teacher has to pick ten pieces to learn.  Then the teacher teaches them the selected themes, one by one. In this stepwise learning, the teacher teaches and tells the students the basic skills of learning guitar.

According to the famous guitar players, you can pick and select a song based on a technique you prefer and love to learn first. There are two keys for the beginners like E major and G major. However, selecting your favorite song is the best place as well as the best way to start. 

Overall, the best rule is to learn one song at a time. It is more exciting, and you will also learn faster and rapidly. 

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Tips to learn and play guitar faster

Best Guitar Tuner Apps - Best Guitar Tuning App

There are various general tips to play the guitar easier. If you want to make your practice energetic, then you should follow these tips strictly. The steps are as under:

Slow it down

If you want to learn and play the guitar faster, then you should slow down. If you are learning a new and latest song, then play it slower than the original tempo. Play the music at speed, which you are comfortable with. No matter whatever stage of learning guitar you are.  

Focus on your weaknesses 

One best way of improving is to challenge yourself. You would not get improved if you only play what you are good at. To improve yourself, you must play the guitar you are weakest at and should focus on that.

Record yourself playing

Another good way to find out your weakness is to record yourself while playing guitar then listening to the recording later.  It can be not very pleasant, but it’s quite fruitful. 

Learn how to tune your guitar

Tuning a guitar is a skill. Every guitar player should have this skill. If you sit down to the guitar’s price and your guitar is out of tune but don’t know how to tune it, it will exploit your achievement and progress. The best tuner to start with is the Joyo Guitar Tuner. It would be best if you tried this tuner. 

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What to expect when you learn guitar?

Some of the uncomfortable and distressing things will happen when you learn guitar. Following are some of those unfortunate things. 


The most famous side effect of learning guitar is getting calluses. This happens when the tips of our fingers start to develop hardened skin. This is normal and is a mandatory stage of learning how to play the guitar. The calluses will become a permanent part of your finger. The blister will go away as long as you keep practicing. 

The Hump

The hump is something that every guitar lover and player goes through. While learning guitar, you get stuck on something- a chord, a rhythm, and even a negative mindset. This is called The Hump. The one and the only way to finish the hump is persistence. Therefore keep practicing and work hard. 

How long does it take to grasp the basics and beginning level?

Achieve the best level of knowledge and education, about 1500 hours of practice daily will be needed to play simple songs. If you are punctual and committed, you can achieve your target within a few months. However, if you want to become a professional guitar player, you must practice for thousands of hours.  

If you want to learn the basics, then you have to practice for 150 to 300 hours. If you are a beginner, then you must spend 300- 1000 hours. At this level, you will be able to play most chords and play the rhythm section with very rare mistakes. Here at this level, you start to understand the mechanics of songs. Here at this level, you can learn more songs by yourself. 

If you are an intermediate player, you have to practice for 1000 to 2500 hours consistently. At this level, the guitar player can easily perform in front of the friend. Here the player can write basic songs by himself and herself. The player even plays complex solos. 

If you want to learn at an advanced level, you have to spend 2500 to 5000 hours. The advanced level players have a good knowledge of composition, dynamics, scales, and music theory. 

Suppose you want to learn at a high level, such as a pro. You must spend 5000+ hours of practice. Here at this level, the guitarists recognize that sky’s the limit for guitarists. At this level, you understand and grasp over all the languages and the theory behind the music. Moreover, at this level, the guitarist can learn any mainstream song on demand. 

If you want to become a master player, then you must need a practice of 10000+ hours. Thus, to master 99% of the wisdom and understanding required in the guitar world, it will need around 10000 hours of persistence. 

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How fast can I start to play songs?

There are many music tutors and teachers who will tell you that learning and understanding the basics is essential when getting started. For example, before starting to look at the songs, many tutors prefer to teach the scales. However, the reality is that almost all the students learn to play the guitar just because of the ambition of playing songs they like and love.  

Therefore the earlier you can get to this goal, the greater your devotion and passion. Thus there is nothing inaccurate and untrue with taking the quick way to learn and playing songs. 

Do I need Lessons?

This is an interesting topic of debate. There are several schools of thought available when it comes to learning how to play guitar. The actual answer to this debate is that there are many ways to play the guitar. 

Learning and playing the guitar in the modern age is much easier than in ancient times. One main advantage of having a lesson is interaction. If you are watching a video or tabs or reading chords and trying to learn and play them, it isn’t easy to realize if your technique is not up to scratch. A teacher will determine if you are playing a chord wrong or have a true basic evil and are not holding the guitar correctly. 

For example, online learning is a fantastic tool, but it does not allow for much feedback. So there is a chance you can be learning and playing a song wrong for a long term without ever noticing it. 

Along with this, one more advantage of having lessons is that they can be tailored to your desires. The best teacher will have many processes and techniques to help you to learn and play the guitar. It also allows you to keep the process interesting and overwhelming for you. 

Once you hit a specific level of ability, playing independently becomes much easier. Thus this can reduce the time required to learn and play the guitar. 2-3 months of weekly lessons should provide you a good basis for independent learning. 

If you cannot attend a lesson due to financial issues or other problems, this should not put you off. You can get the knowledge on your own. However, this may not be the quick and fastest way to learn and play the guitar. 

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What are the Learning Materials to learn the guitar?

How to Read Guitar Tabs - Different methods 3

This is one of the basic and most important factors that will affect how it will take you to learn and play the guitar. The number of various courses and websites that demand to help you play guitar is enormous and extensive. Some of the courses are of higher quality than the others, particularly for beginners. Recommended learning materials contain:

Justin Guitar:

When we were discussing chords, we linked to this site. The resources available on Justin are enormous. Here on this site, there is a particular section for beginners. Moreover, if you are a beginner, there are hundreds of hours of lessons available for you which you can follow. Justin is a famous guitarist who has millions of youtube subscribers.

Along with this, some of the well-known guitar players recommended Justin’s course. If you go through the beginner course, you will know it permits you to learn 250 songs. However, if you are committed and dedicated, you will complete the session in a few months or even weeks. 


This is another very famous online learning platform for many things. Udemy courses are not free; however, they have some amazing offers. There are two reasons for the popularity of udemy. 

The first one is that there is a large number of teachers. Every teacher has their exclusive technique, and they are perfect in various genres. 

The second reason is that the platform is so clear, with reviews encouraged and progressed. This means that before taking the plunge, you can see what has been done for others. 

Here, you can also see how many hours of practice are recommended to finish the basics. This will give you a rough idea of the time it might take you to perfect the basics. Keep one thing in your mind: here in Udemy, you have to watch some of the videos two times.  

Ultimate Guitars:

This is also one of the best site learning materials. The ultimate guitar is the source that offers tens of thousands of tabs that are workable and usable. Tabs are how many guitarists read and write music. Bills are much simpler and easier than the old traditional notation. The ultimate guitar has a guide on how to read tabs. Once you have done this, you can attempt any of the songs in their large database. 

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How to reduce the time required to learn Guitar?

There are some useful tips, which are important for learning the Guitar in the minimum possible time. These tips are following:

  1. Build your learning style. You have to struggle and match up the learning materials you ultimately go for. We all human beings learn in various ways, and knowing more about how our brain likes to catch knowledge can help us streamline the practice.
  2.  Play with other people. Other people mean getting a tutor, taking help from a friend who can play for occasional and random lessons, or joining a practice group or the club. 
  3. Be passionate and dedicated. Practice as much as you can. Regularity is the key to success for learning and playing the Guitar. 
  4. There are various styles, so select the type you are interested in. 

What is the best age for learning guitar?

Learn the guitar at whatever age you have. Specialists say that guitar is the best way to sharpen and fresh your mind even in old age.

 Please do not play the guitar when you are a child, because the world’s well-known guitarists didn’t play the guitar in their childhood. For example, David Allan Coe, a famous guitar player, did not take up a guitar until 30. 

Moreover, Leonard Cohen did not release an album until he was in his 30s. If playing guitar is your hobby, then you don’t have to worry about age. You are never late to start. 

It is the general concept of the people that one should play and learn the guitar in adulthood. Because in the majority, you are less disturbed by something else. Also, we are more patient in adulthood.   

How much should you practice?

How long does it take to learn guitar - How much should you practice

If you have never played the guitar, the first thing you will know is that learning how to play the guitar is just like how to talk and walk. In this regard, you will have to learn new hand and finger movements. 

How fast you learn these movements depends on how much time you are giving to practice. The amount of practice directly results in how quickly you know these movements. Therefore if you are a beginner, you have to practice habitually. 

If you practice daily for more than 15 minutes, you will observe changes in your guitar skills within one to two weeks. 

However, if you practice for more than 15 minutes a week, you will not see a fruitful change for a longer period. But remember one thing, as a beginner you do not have to practice too much. This over practice will make your fingers hurt. This will stop you from practicing for some days. Moreover, it will also scare you away from the guitar.   

Therefore, as a beginner, you have to practice for 10- 15 minutes every day. As you start to make your finger muscle and improve your playing, you can boost this period as you see fit and comfortable. You may feel relaxed for 30 minutes always, an hour per day, or even more than that. 

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How fast will I be able to play songs?

The answer to “how fast will I play the songs” will depend on some of the major factors. The two top-rated factors are:

  1. How much you practice.
  2. What type of songs you desire to learn.  

By learning some beginner and basic chords, you should be best on your way to learning a ton of new and latest songs. To learn easy beginner songs, you have to check out a list of beginner guitar songs. If you practice regularly and frequently, you will learn these basic songs within one week. 

You have to learn songs with only a few chords or a few simple and basic tabs in the beginning days. Moreover, try useful software like Guitar pro and TuxGuitar. This software helps you hear and visualize how you should be playing the song.

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What is a chord Chart?

A simple chord chart is a piece of sheet music that shows you the ability to play rhythm accompaniments. 

Are videos and DVDs a best source to learn and play the guitar?

How long does it take to learn guitar - Are videos and DVDs a best source to learn and play the guitar

Yes, videos and DVDs are a good source to learn the guitar because you can watch these videos again and again. However, not all of the videos and DVDs are the best. Therefore, talk to a friend who already has watched the videos and ask their opinion about these videos. At the local music store, you can also request a salesperson to give you an idea or help you purchase a video that suits your desires and needs. 


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