Short Scale Bass Strings Ultimate Guide 2022

This article is based on short scale bass strings. One of the most important things is choosing the perfect strings for your short-scale bass strings guitars As these are short-scale bass strings thus these mostly have a limited range; however, they are still good enough to make good bass guitar strings. It’s your choice and You can either use the short scale strings or long scale strings on short scale basses.

The short-scale bass strings are on low tension as compared with long-scale lines. For instance, you want to have 40-95 columns on a vast scale. For creating the pressure, you will require a gauge with 45-100 strings. However, It depends upon the manufacturers some time, and they built the shorter or longer strings based on the bass guitar. On the contrary, some manufactured the thick core for the short-scale basses.


You can choose the string length according to your choice; however, some of the types of short-scale bass guitar strings.  A short-scale bass’ strings are often designed specifically for basses with a 30″ scale length. Some of the short-scale bass strings are

  • Rotosound
  • D’Addario
  • GHS
  • LaBella
  • Thomastik-Infeld
  • Optima Gold-Plated
  • Fender
  • Pyramid


These are readily available in the UK with different price ranges. Moreover, The Rotosound includes the stainless steel round wound strings, and the others are flat-wound strings. Approximately 40 to 90 strings make up each set, and the inner core of each string is thicker, However, The Rotosound strings are not much recommended as these result in horrible overtones, precisely the low e tone, for instance, when you fret on the fifth fret on the E string that produces the sound that is out of tune.

The long-scale strings of this brand are most preferred. There is another issue with short-scale strings in that whenever they are plucked, the pitch is high, which does not make for pleasant listening. For good results, you must choose longer scales. Rotosound is a gauge with extra longe scales. Cut the strings just for an inch; moreover, you must carefully wrap wire on the wound portion of lines, almost the area of tuning posts. Moreover, be careful in wrapping wire because it takes some time, sometimes you can ruin the strings.

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D’Addario Roundwood is one of the most preferred, consistent, and improved sounding round wound strings. These include nickel and stainless steel strings. These are more used because of their excellent tension and clean tone. The D’Addario is more advantageous as compared to Rotosound. Moreover, nickel gauge is available in lightweight forms.

Along with Roundwood strings, the flatwood strings are unique in use. However, they have increased tension, and sometimes they sound a little brighter. For more sound, you can try other sets of short-scale bass strings.


The company that created the GHS strings is energetic and passionate, and they care for their consumers. They work on the products after knowing what their customers want. They are so active that they answer every customer on time and listen to their queries. These types of companies are scarce in the market that is working on customer demands.

The strings are round wound and very strong. Their property of not burdening or overpowered mids make these strings ideal for fluent and clear musical playing; in some cases, however, the tone is rolled. Overall, these strings appear well-balanced in terms of colour and appearance. Smoothness is a unique feature of these strings that you won’t find in other brands, and these are among the best lines to use.


These short-scale strings include both the round wound and flat wound strings, and both perform their functions in a balanced way. The round wound has a very great growl, or in other words, you can say that these strings are aggressive, while the flat wound produces a very high-quality vintage tone that makes the sound perfect. It is highly recommended to use these strings. It would help if you tried these strings.


These string sets have reduced tension and are elastic but produce a soft and powerful tone. If you are travelling somewhere, these strings are not much preferred; however, if you want to play more, you can choose other lines as there are many other great options.

Optima Gold-Plated:

This type does not provide any unique quality, there is no such clarity in tone, and they sound very typical in range. These are flashy in style, and these are not good as other strings. However, they are reliable. You can use them for many years and are suitable for those customers that are allergic to these brands. They look very stylish when you use them.

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You can try the acoustic and electric short-scale bass strings, and you will love both of them. These short-scale strings are available to reduce tension and produce a bright sound. These do not work perfectly like the D’Addario, and the essential thing is their short-scale electric bass strings are only accessible in nickel wounds. As compared with the Rotosound, these are more recommended.

These all are the short-scale bass guitar strings; however, you can choose the lines of your choice.


The bass guitars were more prevalent in previous years. It’s easy to research a bit before buying these strings; however, the fundamentals of these guitars are not yet predictable. The manufacturers created short lines; moreover, the scale length is essential in bass guitar design. To buy the guitar, you should understand the main differences between the guitar’s long scale and short scale strings.


The top short-scale bass guitars are

  • Alembic Stanley Clarke Standard
  • Birdsong Corto2
  • Burns Nu-Sonic
  • Callowhill OBS
  • Epiphone EB-O
  • Eastwood Airline Map
  • Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Bass
  • Guild Starfire
  • Höfner Ignition Series Violin Bass
  • Kala Solid Mahogany U-bass
  • Landing L1
  • Musicvox Spaceranger
  • Rob Allen Mouse

Alembic Stanley Clarke Standard:

Strings designed for short-scale basses have been in production for decades by Alembic, a bass company based in northern California. In addition, The bass strings on these basses have been modified from guitar strings, Guild Starfire basses made for Jack Casady, and Phil Lesh consists of short-scale bass strings. You can also customize the guitars; however, it offers a very little regular model, for instance, the Stanley Clarke Signature bass.

You will get a modern design for the Clark 3 bass with brass and bronze hardware and a curved body that makes it more expensive and unique.

Birdsong Corto2:

Texas Hill produces these types of guitars. Moreover, these lightweight guitars are shorter in length with a balance that helps in quickly playing the guitar without compromising the tone and playability. The brand has introduced many models, and they are common in 31″ scale, spacing between the strings is 17.5mm, non-resistance electronics, and a variety of tonewoods. One of the Corto2 guitar modals is in J style with two soap bars.

Burns Nu-Sonic:

In the 1960s, these guitars were made in London. However, a company in England still called Burnd Guitars does not make bass guitars like the old guitars. These guitars have basswood bodies, unique fingerboards, one coil as Nu-sonic pickups for stretching strings, and cherry red colour ends.

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Callowhill OBS:

The Callowhill OBS guitar is a six strings guitar as these guitars have six strings, so it is significant in size, and you have seen former Roots bassist Owen Biddle playing with this guitar. Luthier Tim Cloonan of Philadelphia is known for making instruments without regard to the scale length. He built various guitar modals with short-scale stings promoted by Tim Lefevbre and Steve Jenkins and Biddle players. They all are now representative of the state of short-scale strings guitars.

Epiphone EB-O:

The concept and analysis behind the construction of this guitar are based upon the legendary Gibson EB-O.



Bass guitars produce the deep low notes in music. The bass strings make a significant impact on the tune of the bass. The bass strings are ideal for rock, country, pop, and more music as they are brighter in colours and produce a firm and decisive tone. Reggae, jazz, old-school rock, and Motown use other strings because they are soft and comfortable while still having a firm bottom.

Strings play an essential role in producing the perfect bass sound as there are several guitars available in the market. When it comes to buying a guitar set, you can get confused. Short scale electric bass guitars are constructed differently using their strings, which differ by features, characteristics, and material. Components of short scale electric bass guitars include

String Gauges

It is the most critical factor in the playability and the tone of the bass. Moreover, The size of the strings matters a lot; you can be more comfortable with lighter stringers, while it would be challenging to play the guitars with heavy lines. Guage means the thickness of the strings, and most prefer the guitar with four columns in the standard or regular tuning it is on low E.

The fundamental question that arises is what does a gauge do in guitar strings? The string tension depends upon the thickness of the line. Moreover, Thick ropes create more stress, which makes the strings fret harder. Most musicians start with shorter strings. However, this is not a good idea. First of all, you should try the small strings guitars and have some experience, and then you can try playing on the long strings guitars.

 In addition, when switching gauges, the neck arrangement must permanently be fixed to prevent any deviation from the indicator.



The different elements combine to create the bass strings that furthermore produce the sounds. At the middle of the series, there is a wire made up of a metal core. Moreover, The metal core wire is connected to a brass ferrule, called a ball end, which acts as a bridge and carries the strings.

An additional wire wraps around the core; you stretch the strings by the fingers or pickups. All these components combine to produce the sounds that all of the guitars have.

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The string core is what makes up the majority of guitar strings and the body is the capital of the lines.  A wound string is formed by winding smaller columns, and the core has a round and hex shape. Round core strings offer older and fatter tones that are stable and elastic. On the other hand, the most regularly used heart is hex-core, keeping the better hold of strings that provide more transparent and brighter sounds with hard tension.


The primary difference between the bass strings and the standard guitar strings is that the bass strings are more significant in size than other regular guitar strings.  It is made of steel or nickel with an exact arrangement of steel. Both styles are available. There are two types of wounds: round and flat wounds. The most common kinds of bass strings are

  • Roundwound: the most used type, have elevations on the winding
  • Half Round:  have been ground down to give a smooth feel, warm tone
  • Flatwound: lowers finger noise, are soft to the touch, and have a warm, pleasant sound
  • Tapewound: outer nylon wrap that gives you shorter spoilage and more crash



Is a Short Scale Bass Easier to Play?

Yes, to some extent, as a beginner, you should try first playing the short scale strings guitar, and after you get some experience, you can play the guitar with longer scale strings.

How Often Should I Change My Strings?

The answer to this question depends on how much you use the guitar; some people change the strings once or twice a month, while some who don’t use frequently change the lines after a year.

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